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The Irish Canna Clinic was born out of a Postgraduate Certificate in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship that founder Stephen Garland completed in late 2020.
Through the involvement with UCD innovation academy Stephen connected with the UCD SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy) and delivered Educative Talks between October and December 2020.
The Talks were conducted under 2 strands:

Strand 1 – Medical Cannabis DeMystified

Here we sought to treat the conditions which are widely accepted to benefit greatly from treatment with ‘Medical Cannabis’
To explore the subjects fully the talks involve some of Ireland’s highest profile patients, licensed and un licensed covering every thing from Chronic Pain, Cancer to Epilepsy in kids. The goal was to provide real situations laid bare by those patients at the coalface.
Strand 2 – Cannabis DeStigmatized

In this series of talks we sought to lay out clearly the dangers and injustices directly caused by the continued prohibition with the people fighting to change what is being recognised globally as unjust and bad legislation.
We wanted to demonstrate the different levels and experiences from people at the coalface from Spain’s Cannabis Clubs, Portugal’s Decriminalisation to Canada’s Full legalisation. At Irish Canna Clinic we believe the solution for Irish Drug Reform lies in cherry picking the best of the experiences out there
In October 2020

Strand 1 – Medical Cannabis DeMystified

1. Tom Curran & Stephen discuss the invaluable benefits of Cannabis and MS

2. Stephen discusses Chronic Pain with 2 license holders Alicia Maher and Miriam Haskins

3. Stephen talks the benefits of Cannabis and with Cancer patient Kenny Tynan

4. Cannabis and Epilepsy in kids with Deborah Downey and  Vera Twomey 

Strand 2 – Cannabis DeStigmatized

1.  Ending Prohibition – Portugal Decrim v Canada Legalisation v Spanish CSC with Miriam Haskins, Laura Ramos

2. Ending Prohibition – The full 30 year!! story of the Spanish Social Club Model with
Ana Afuero and Patty Amiguet

Self-advocacy means learning how to get information so that you can understand your possibilities and find out who will support you in your journey when you need help and friendship. It also involves knowing your rights and responsibilities, solving problems, listening and learning, developing self-determination, the freedom to live as you choose and take control of your own health.​ 

The Irish Canna Clinic is committed to help everyone suffering to find the treatment solutions that can help change their lives


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