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There have been some disgusting manifestations of ‘Prohibition Irish Style’ over the years but in December 2022 Irish justice truly reached a new low with the jailing of Patrick Moore a  farmer who was growing for and helping several patients.
These patients  all testified in court as to how grateful this selfless caregiver was willing to risk his liberty to help people suffering from a range of diseases.  Patrick never embarked on this  to make any money with  this selling his oil to patients at cost!
It wasn’t good enough for so called Irish justice and he was duly sentenced to 5 YEARS on the 2nd of December condemning him to not just miss Xmas 2022 with his young family (see picture above!)  but the judge was happy that he would for the next 4 years. 
Are they insane for a completely victimless crime!!!
You can read the full story here as reported at the time HERE and
Irish Canna Clinic intends to make Patrick and his family the cause celebre of our activism so we have placed a counter on the home page here to remind people how long a guy, with nothing only the biggest heart is having to pay for effectively helping SICK PEOPLE!!! 


Check out our Canna We Talk Now? Special to mark his 200th Day inside


You can check out our devoted Canna We Talk Now? to mark the day here in which we encourage people to first of all support the family by dropping into the shop and enjoy some of their wonderful fare!
Main Street Abbeyfeale, Abbeyfeale, Ireland
+353 89 246 1227


We also encouraged people to show the man some love from the Canna Community Outside and drop a letter of support which is a lovely idea.

Send your wishes to
Patrick Moore c/o Limerick Prison Mulgrave Street, Limerick, V94 P8N1 Tel: 061 204700


Peter Reynolds from the Cannabis Industry Council also a Director of CLEAR Drugs Policy Reform
is a close friend of Patrick and his family and regularly visits and is pictured here alongside Patrick on his most recent visit to the prison.
To mark Patrick’s 200th day of incarceration Peter and I will be devoting one of our Canna We Talk Now? series to discuss the injustice and get an update on how Patrick is coping through the ordeal!
We will be posted separately once ready!
Peter who has been following the case from the beginning and was in the Court has written a pretty comprehensive piece on the case
Please check it out here!


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