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Can 2023 be the year for real change??


Stephen from the Irish Canna Clinic here, we were on a bit of a sabbatical as we re-organised a too complicated life…
Delighted to say that in January 2023 we graduated from the 2nd Post Grad of our ‘Covid Years’ another Innovation Course this time in Trinity’s Tangent and this time we a specialism in Healthcare! The focus of this course was the further development of this Irish Canna Clinic. We have since RE-emigrated to Barcelona last April, a decision taken on health grounds as I have sought to reintegrate with the amazing MS Research centre CEMCAT where I was first diagnosed.
Yes while the Sun is a massive bonus it is also a really important part of my MS symptom management.

PictureClick image to follow their progress on ICC Instagram

Oh yeah… and their is the #Right2Grow my medicine!! I am able to legally grow up to 4 plants which is the fundamental  right that Barcelona’s many CSCs (Cannabis Social Clubs) are built on! The CSC’s have allowed me to try many strains of cannabis and through trial and error I have found the Blueberry Strains are the ones that work for me!
Patients needs are individual and it is key that we are afforded the right of our own autonomy to self medicate!

I am not alone, I join other medical refugees you may know, like Alicia Maher in Alicante and many others across Spain and the Canaries in particular, who are just not prepared to ‘Go Public’ and endanger their ability to pass through customs on the way home and risk their medicine being seized… And the rest of the indignity that Irish justice unleashes!
We (patients) that the MCAP has failed are in Spain, Canada, Holland and even the UK (On Our own Island!!!!) where Cannabis has been legalized for patients under private prescription since 2018 and people from the north of Ireland at least enjoy Safe Access to our medicine of choice.


The reason for renewed optimism is mostly as we are on the cusp of the long awaited (has literally been years coming!!!) Citizens Assembly on Drugs is finally now in process.
Ireland’s long suffering Cannabis Community from the PFSA to the CAA, SSDP, the USI and the general student body, the CIC, Crainn, HNH, FWEED, Uplift, the entire embattled Hemp community… and every rational person in Ireland who knows that something needs to change.

Regrettably the only thing that does change is the lives of those people that continue to  endure, house and business searches, summons to courts, indignity of having name and address appear in local papers, and on and on
Worst of all we now have incredibly our own live martyr in
Patrick Moore who on December 2nd 2022 was sentenced to 5 years for helping patients who testified on his behalf… His young family had to go through Xmas without their father and Husband It is an embarrassment to the nation!!
You can find more details on the case with a clock in counting his sentence in real time… We also feature other prisoners of the long lost War on Drugs! on this page

For our part we have decided to dust off the mic and get some conversation going again like we did before with the SSDP under the same 2 Strands –
Medical Cannabis DeMystified
Cannabis DeStigmatized

but this time across a much broader platform that can complement the Citizens Assembly and add to the colour of the debate!
I will try to get as many of the many voices from stakeholders/ activists/contrarians/politicians/legal experts/Student leaders/Garda/Doctors/prohibitionists/PWUDs and just regular voters in a new series of talks entitled

The plan is  a new format of 20 min (approx) recorded video at least twice a week.
And we will also hope to have some longer form live sessions that you can interact with.

With occasional one off specials like our first episode that took place on Monday April 10 when we had a very special episode commemorating the legendary activist Howard Marks with his Irish Tour manager Johnny Keenan which ran to 51 mins.

The reason for the title Canna We Talk Now? is because we still live in a backward prohibition society that criminalizes adults and we will feature growers and people who just do not want to risk bringing themselves to attention…
The shocking reality for a drug that has not recorded a single death by overdose in the history of the state unlike alcohol which according to EU figures accounts for 3 deaths daily!!!
So some interviews will be audio only because we haven’t the tech to do what used to happen to Sinn Fein and mostly because that would honestly be too shameful!



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