Canna We Talk Now?

I spent ‘My Covid Years’ going back to college which brought me into close contact with the student body in UCD initially back in 2020 led me to create a series of online live talks…

They took place under 2 Strands –
Medical Cannabis DeMystified

Cannabis DeStigmatized

Those talks involving many of Ireland’s most high profile patients all successfully treating a myriad of conditions with Cannabis and can still be viewed here
They were a very long live format allowing each session to run up to an hour with live chat and Q&A features

For this new iteration
“Canna We Talk Now?”
we will have a change of format broadly under the same 2 Strands
A maximum of 30 min calls (ish!) that I will record and post across my platform at least once a week
I have a hit-list of activists, stakeholders and patients from Ireland and beyond.
The plan is to record as many voices as possible.

I also plan to have occasional longer form ‘Live Specials’ involving ‘willing’ politicians, Student Leaders, Legal, Academic & Medical professionals.

I am active ambassador (en absentia) for the PFSA and I have spoken with many of the stakeholders and activists and it is widely agreed that we need to capture the momentum happening around the EU start creating as much noise as possible to try and aid the assembly in reaching reasonable recommendations and maybe see some regulation.
I hope that you can all subscribe to the Youtube channel and Newsletter and help spread the word across your social media

Episode by Episode Quick links

1. Cannabis DeStygmatisedREMEMBERING MR NICE – April 10th Memorial Special with Johnny Keenan –

2. Cannabis DeStygmatised#LegaliseIt! Open Letter UCD – SSDP – Mani Begyi

3. Cannabis DeStygmatisedCitizens Assembly reaction – Ryan Mc Hale (CRAINN)

4. Cannabis DeStygmatised 420 Announcements Events happening IN DUBLIN for 420!!! – Ryan Mc Hale (CRAINN)

5. Medical Cannabis DeMystified Follow-Up with Deborah Downey and Abi’s Legacy!Paediatric Epilepsy

6. Cannabis DeStygmatised  Growing for Health & Patients  – GREEN TEA

7. Cannabis DeStygmatised Irish and EU hemp markets explained – Chris Allen (HFI) Director

8. Cannabis Destygmatised Citizens Assembly, Legislation and Harm Reduction Natalie O’ Regan

9. Medical Cannabis DeMystyfiedAdult Epilepsy & Patient Activism – Martin Condon

10. Healthcare DeMystified – MS Week Special HSCT Warriors – Mark Gilligan

11. Healthcare Demystified – MS Week Special ME, MY MS and I – Stephen Garland

12. Medical Cannabis DeMystified Fibromyalgia – “Bob West”

13. Medical Cannabis DeMystified UK’s first Vape Lounge – Alan Robinson (NICannaGuy)


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