The Irish Canna Clinic provides patient to patient cannabis education and coaching which is highly-structured, well-researched and regulatory-compliant to ensure Irish patients of all conditions are empowered to take back control of their health. 



The Irish Canna Clinic was founded by Medical Cannabis advocate and PPMS (Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis) sufferer Stephen Garland.
An International Arts and Event manager by trade I have spent many years in Barcelona a city that sensibly affords me the possibility to legally grow my own medicine (5 plants) and to safely access the full range of Cannabis products via the Cannabis Social Clubs (CSCs) structure. of which there are over 200 across Barcelona but provide safe access to patients across Spain and all her islands!

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Meanwhile in Ireland…
As a patient of the Mater hospital I have been refused support for just my application to the MCAP (Medical Cannabis Access Programme) repeatedly for 5 years. A programe  which took years to be officially funded by the Irish Government. The MCAP allows Irish politicians to delude themselves that Cannabis was legalised in Ireland since 2019.


It took the activism of mothers like Vera Twomey who in 2017 walked 260km from her home in Cork to Leinster House in Dublin to plead with the government to give her the medicine that she desperately needed for her daughter Ava who was suffering from a refractory form of epilepsy Dravet Syndrome.
I would later interview Vera together with Deborah Downey who’s daughter Abigail suffered from a similar drug resistant epilepsy called Lennox-Gestaut.  

2020 interview with
Deborah & Vera

The MCAP was only officially funded since January 2021, 4 years!! after Vera’s historic walk and the testaments of patients still attest to the difficulties to get reimbursed under the scheme and all the stress that this caused.


There was also one other even more restrictive avenue called the ‘Ministerial License’.
Where a patient via an ‘accommodating’ consultant could apply directly to the Minister for Health for a license to import Cannabis under yet again a restrictive list of conditions and a very limited product list.

The MCAP is so restrictive that it is seen by many including myself to be not fit for purpose, I for example have a qualifying condition, MS but I do not suffer from spasticity BUT, I instead suffer from chronic neuropathic pain! 
We also have further damning evidence of the dis-functionality of the Irish system when we compare with Denmark and their similar access programme!

See our comparisons of Denmark V Irish Medical Access Programmes HERE!!


Further comparison can be made as to how far behind Ireland is, in looking after it’s patients who are desperate to avail of Cannabis as a medicine.
The Spanish Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC), have enabled me to educate myself as to the untold benefits of the Cannabis plant and allow me to play around with the various strains to find my own personal favourite strains and my ‘sweet spot’ for dosage which is the objective for treatment with Cannabis.
For me that has manifested itself as a combination of Cannabinoids often combining  CBG, CBD, CBN and THC flowers. I consume via vaping, ensuring no Terpenes and Flavinoids are lost from the famed ‘Entourage Effect’ which I totally believe is key to successful treatment.
I am not alone in my ‘Irish Medical Refugee Status’ as I know people living not just across the Spanish territories but also in Holland and even the UK on our island!!! where access is widely available through the Private Medical System.

It will always be a primary focus to produce educative talks since we started this project and to be up to date you just need to follow us across our Social Media and watch our clips on


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