1. Remembering Mr Nice

EP 1. – Remembering Mr Nice – April 10 Memorial


In this our first and very special episode, 2 of Howard Mark’s Tour Managers from Ireland in Johnny Keenan and Stephen Garland for his only ever shows in Spain paint a picture of Canna’s greatest activists.
The 2 reminisce over Howard’s 2020/11 tour of his remarkable (largely unintended) Stand Up show…
Scholar, Smuggler, Prisoner, Scribe!

Johnny recalls how they navigated every road and laneway while Ireland was in the middle of a ‘weather event’ as Howard insisted of getting off the beaten track. Instead of playing venues that would sell the shows regardless he wanted to get out into the people and share the experience directly…

There is a lot of love in this chat for the great man from the two promoters inspired waaay beyond the usual grind of just banging out shows, these were different, special!
For me Howard had an aura that to spend any time in his presence it becomes so easy to imagine yourself as a fly on the wall as he sauntered through the so many high stakes situations in customs, or court all of it so wonderfully  framed in his book!

As Johnny recounts Howard telling him simply, “I don’t do stress!”
and that was simply his secret !


Howard and Johnny somewhere on the HIGH-ways and byways of Ireland!


CN with Shantibaba, Stephanie Figueira, Howard and the Giggling Guiri!
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