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  • The Irish Canna Clinic (ICC) seeks to provides patient to patient cannabis education and coaching which is highly-structured, well-researched and regulatory-compliant to ensure Irish patients of all conditions are empowered to take back control of their health autonomy.
  • In terms of Cannabis we believe in the #Right2Grow and the right for enjoyers of plant medicine to come together as adults in a safe environment to consume and share knowledge.

  • These spaces are focused on harm reduction within the Spanish CSC model (Cannabis Social Club) as set out by international governing body, ENCOD.

  • We believe in the legalization of all drugs removing them completely from the judicial system and treating all problematic drug use as a social and health issue.


  • It would also end definitively prohibition and the illicit market of drugs that enriches nobody except cartels with unlimited cash piles to prey on the same disadvantaged areas.


  • We are not ‘Anti Big Pharma!’ but instead believe that most medical conditions can benefit most from a balance of both pharmacological medical and natural holistic solutions together.


  • We believe in a life fortified by good attitude lifestyle, nutrition and exercise.


  • Our beliefs are founded in a backstory of Founder Stephen Garland’s battle against a disease PPMS (Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis) that reinforces the importance of health autonomy as a right!

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