7. Cannabis DeStygmatised – Irish and EU hemp markets explained

7. Cannabis DeStygmatised
Irish and EU hemp markets explained with Chris Allen

Hemp Federation of Ireland (HFI) – Executive Director


This is a call we were very anxious to make as there are so many issues surrounding hemp at a time when it should be!! playing such a critical role in the current climate crisis.
Yet we still have many small family CBD businesses being ‘raided’ and their less than 0.2% THC product seized in Ireland. There are currently 4 cases in the courts regarding this and we will be following those cases closely!
We wanted to do a deep dive as to what are the ongoing issues with Hemp in Europe and so this was a brilliant opportunity to get that info from Chris Allen, the foremost authority on the subject in Ireland!

*****Unfortunately the quality of the call hits a couple of over exposure issues but the enlightenment is there for everyone to hear!!!
The call I felt needed the hour to get into what is a very complex area but it is jammed packed with qualified knowledge


Chris Allen is Executive Director at Hemp Federation Ireland, Ireland’s national hemp industry representative body.
Her main area of expertise is the legislation and regulation governing the operation of the Industrial hemp sector in Ireland and Europe from 1970 to the present day. Hemp Federation Ireland is a non-profit organisation and Chris works both in Ireland and at EU level to protect the legal and economic entitlements of Irish hemp farmers and business operators and to defend the environmental potentials of the Irish Industrial Hemp sector for the benefit of the Irish people. Hemp was first reintroduced as an agricultural crop by the European Commission in 1970 and has been grown consistently in EU Member States ever since.


In 2018, Irish authorities began to represent the EU hemp crop and derived goods as dangerous drugs in public discourse.
In 2020, in advance of the opening up of rapidly expanding global Industrial Hemp markets, the Irish government completed its transfer of agricultural hemp revenue streams from Irish farmers and operators to pharmaceutical cannabis interests.

In December 2020, the European Court of Justice ruled that hemp and derived goods cannot be controlled as drugs under the national laws of Member States.

A few weeks later Ireland’s Minister for Health (Simon Donnelly!! – Ed) designated the EU hemp crop as a drug for the purposes of Section 13 (1) (a) of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1977.

Although hemp products are available in shops across Ireland, they are no longer grown on Irish farms!!

No accurate information on the environmental, social and economic potentials of the European hemp industry has ever been made available to Irish farmers or the Irish public!!

It is damning!!!!


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