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This talk is the reason behind the name we have chosen for these talks ‘Canna We Talk Now?and what you will notice here that we obviously are STILL not able to openly talk about the subject for fear of arrest and even imprisonment a la Patrick Moore… you can check exactly how long he has been in Limerick away from his young family on our Count-Up clock here on our Canna POW page devoted to just some of those incarcerated for the victimless crime of growing a medicine which unlike Benzos and Alcohol has never caused a fatal overdose in the Irish State!

Like so many in the Irish Canna Community we first came across the amazing Green Tea when she featured on an interview on ‘The hard Shoulder on ‘Newstalk radio station
What absolutely stood out about that was first how great a speaker this young lady but also her attention to detail to make sure that her Cannabis was of the highest quality for a patient. It is something that is not the concern of the standard Drug gang teenage dealer, who to quote Blindboy “the only strain on offer in that illegal market is… Do you want it or not?”

You can listen to that interview via this page to create some context

At the beginning of our talk we joke about how ridiculous it was to live through the years of Sinn Fein interviews and broadcasts always delivered via an actors voice…

So for the continued absurdity of Paddywhackery justice she leaves the camera off!

After the call for this page I asked her if she would send me a doc with some of the tips and suggestions she offered in the call so below we are so pleased to offer something of the Green Tea Guide to Growing!!


 – spider farmer light  https://spiderfarmer.eu/led-grow-light/
 – advanced nutrients at the grow shop:  https://www.growshop.ie/search/Advanced%20nutrients
My Feed Schedule for Soil (I usually use plagron batmix) the bottles give instructions for feminised plants, so I’m including my auto flower schedule as this had to be learned by trial and error.
Advanced nutrients Ph perfect grow
Advanced nutrients pH perfect bloom
Advanced nutrients pirahna for roots (highly recommended-if you can only buy  one additive, buy this one):  https://www.growshop.ie/product/advanced-nutrients-piranha-liquid

Advanced nutrients big bud: https://growshopireland.ie/product/advanced-nutrients-big-bud/

Plagron green sensation: https://www.growshop.ie/product/plagron-green-sensation

Advanced nutrients Nirvana:  https://www.growshop.ie/product/advanced-nutrients-nirvana



Week 1-2
1 ml of advanced nutrients pirahna for roots – no feed needed as the soil has enough in it.
Week 3
1ml per litre advanced nutrients pH perfect grow
Week 4 (or when you see pre flower hairs)
2ml per litre advanced nutrients pH perfect grow and 1 ml advanced nutrients big bud for bud formation- use this additive in every feed.
Week 1 of flower:
 2ml per litre advanced nutrients pH perfect flower and 2ml per litre big bud
Week 2 of flower:
2ml per litre pH perfect flower and 2ml per litre of plagron green sensation
Week 3 til flush:
2ml per litre pH perfect flower and 3 ml per litre advanced nutrients nirvana additive
As you check the trichomes over time and come to the end of your grow, it is important to flush plants to encourage them to uptake all of their nutrients so as there is nothing remaining that will leave a harsh taste or damage the flavour.
Your last week, you should stop feeding, and instead give a flush agent or plain water if you don’t have a flushing agent.
You may notice your leaves start to fade. That’s what you want at this stage. You essentially want the plant to be consuming itself by the end.

Youtube Channels:
 – Greenbeard Grows (support our Irish growers!) https://youtube.com/@GeeB
Mr Canuck: https://youtube.com/@MrCanucksGrowGuide
 – The Hippie Geeks:  https://youtube.com/@TheHippieGeeks
 – TempleGrower: https://youtube.com/@templegrower
Thank you so much, and happy growing!

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It is the Irish Canna Clinic’s opinion that Green Tea is typical of the wonderful resources that exist in Ireland which will be vital when sensible and proper regulation comes that might allow us to make the most of the MASSIVE opportunity that can exist for the Irish economy and society.


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