5. Medical Cannabis Demystified – Epilepsy- Follow-Up with Deborah and Abi’s Legacy!

Abigail McQuillan – 2004 – 2023 – RIP


It is with a very heavy heart that we have to announce the passing of Abigail who passed peacefully assisted by her oils  on Palliative Care at 7pm yesterday.

Our thoughts go to the whole family as we can only imagine what kind of a whole that she will leave behind in that house tonight.

Any eulogy  is best lef6t to the words of her remarkable Cannabis prescribing pediatric Doctor Joesph Rosado  who treated her remotely from Miami guiding the wonderful team in Drogheda Hospital, who listened to him and took his advice.

“Heaven has received a new angel today, sweet Abi my first pediatric medical cannabis patient in Ireland.
Thank you for ALL you have taught us and enjoy your new wings!!!”

Rest easy now Abi!

 April 2023 – Creating Abi’s Legacy –

5. Medical Cannabis Demystified – Follow-Up with Deborah and Abi


This Talk is a follow-up to our 2020 Talk with both Vera Twomey and Deborah Downey under our Medical Cannabis DeMystyfied series…
Both Vera and Deborah were mothers to 2 wonderful daughters who sadly both suffered from retractable drug resistant forms of Epilepsy.
While Vera’s daughter Ava suffered from Dravet’s Syndrome and In the case of Deborah’s daughter Abigail who suffered from Lennox Gastaut Syndrome.

The manifestations of each disease are pretty much the same with uncontrollable violent seizures in the region of over 70 a day…
Both ladies in 2020 had been through a several year process to be allowed give their daughters the vital Cannabis oils that literally stopped the seizures and bring the chaos that surrounded the extended families lives some semblance of peace. It is incredible the lengths, these 2 women had to go to independently to first get the recognition that Cannabis was a more effective treatment than ANY of the other toxic treatments their children had to endure basically due to the stigma surrounding this wonderful plant.

Abigail had lived a normal life until the age of 6, riding her bike to school before this horrible disease manifested…
She had in Deborah the most powerful Mammy who looked after though all those chaotic and stressful times and Abi survived way beyond what doctors gave her, to be the beautiful 19 year old woman she is today.
This is one of the most incredible testimonies of a Mother’s love through largely unnecessary adversity and is now preparing for a most beautiful end for her beloved, Abi as she is now in Palliative Care.
She tells of the difficulties through the Irish Medical System and how she eventually found a hospital in Drogheda prepared to listen to her and her shining knight the incredible Dr Joseph Rosado who on one occasion literally saved her life remotely with the help of the Drogheda Team.


Deborah with Abigail at peace in her final days is preparing for the end but she wants to make sure that her life will not have been in vain.
“Children are born every day and in the first hour can experience their first seizure!”

This clip is very powerful!!

Please share and help us build Abi’s Legacy!!

Abi & Mammy’s favourite Song!

October 2020 – when we first met Deborah and Abi


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