3. CRAINN – Ryan Mc Hale

3. Cannabis Destymatised – CRAINN – Ryan Mc Hale


Ryan Mc Hale is one of the hardest working young activists in the Irish Cannabis Activist movement.
A 21 year old Erasmus Student is heavily involved with the SSDP and is planning a new chapter when he returns to DCU from his placement in Leuven, Belgium.

In the meantime Ryan is part of the Crainn committee who are providing welcome eyes on the Citizen’s assembly and providing independent feedback as it develops.
Ryan belongs to the latest Gen Z who are at the frontline of those, especially students who currently can have their lives destroyed by the current criminalisation…
which affects career possibilities, ability to travel right at the moment people are trying to shape their life are some of the biggest concerns he highlights…


Not the greatest Edit from yours truly we apologise for the sound quality and we had to add on the notice of the Crainn Info Day taking place around the city on 420 when Ryan will be pressing the flesh before joining the celebration in St Stephen’s green…

take a leaflet and do support this young activist. There is so much apathy amongst he student body and it is refreshing to come across some youthful passion!!


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