14. Cannabis DeStygmatised – Cannabis Industry Council – Peter Reynolds

14. Cannabis DeStygmatised – Marking Patrick Moore’s 200th Day incarcerated – Peter Reynolds
In the Talk we encourage people to support Patrick’s family directly in their


This is the Screen shot of our Count-Up Clock that has been counting the days that Patrick Moore has been so disproportionately unjustly sentenced to 5 years imprisonment on December 2nd 2022. 

 Patrick was guilty of the heinous crime of using his horticulture skills to selflessly help people as he was able to grow and extract Cannabis medicinal oils that he gifted to patients locally that showed incredible benefits.

His young family first had to endure a massive totally OTT security services and Garda operation on the family home that I am sure was on a level not even reserved for our infamous Kinahans!
He was transparent from the outset even down to journals that he kept documenting the inputs to create the oils but still he was treated like a narco. At his trial he had many patients who were benefiting so much they were prepared to publicly plead his case.
It is yet another example of the massive stigmatization of Cannabis as a medicine and at ICC we will do everything in our power to make people, politicians and all stake-holders that Patrick is one of the very worst is one of many massive injustices around the prohibition of drugs in Ireland. It is the reason we have had Fibromyalgia sufferers wearing Balaclavas!!

Since he was sentenced he has been held in Limerick Prison and for the Irish Canna Clinic we had to mark the occasion of his 200th day incarcerated we wanted to speak with a friend of Patrick and the family to find out how he is doing.


Peter Reynolds is a writer, consultant, proud Welshman, president of CLEAR and an expert in the science, medicine, law and politics of cannabis.
Starting as an advertising copywriter, Peter worked as a creative director in some of London’s leading ad agencies through the 1980s. He developed special expertise in healthcare and medical markets, worked as consultant to many NHS organisations, pharmaceutical companies and as a medical journalist.

His interest in cannabis started as a teenage experiment but quickly moved into politics. He first gave evidence on the subject to Parliament in 1983 and has contributed to every Parliamentary inquiry since.  In 2011 he was elected leader of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance which, using his expertise in marketing, he rebranded and relaunched as CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform, initially as a political party.  He stood as a parliamentary candidate in the 2012 Corby by-election.

CLEAR is now the longest established cannabis group in the UK with a follower base and membership that exceeds all other UK drugs policy groups combined. He has spoken at many conferences and debates including the Oxford Union. In a famous series of six debates at universities he went head to head with Peter Hitchens, winning all except one.


A brilliant writer with immense experience we urge you to check out his website and particularly the brilliant piece18 Truths on Drugs Policy

Also a director of the Cannabis Industry Council and after 6 years in Ireland he has established himself as one of the most qualified voices in the space.
Not afraid to be at odds with many of the Irish activists who do see more direct action like Civil disobedience as absolutely required which the ICC agrees with but all voices make the argument richer.

Peter on a recent visit to Patrick in limerick


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