12. Medical Cannabis DeMystified – Fibromyalgia – “Bob West”

12. Medical Cannabis DeMystified – Fibromyalgia – “Bob West”


In our latest drop we are once again getting our overall title – Canna We Talk? vindicated as yet again the subject in this case has to disguise himself first with a false name “Bob West”

Worse than that considering the context of an Irishman the choice of disguise, of a balaclava with all the inherent sinister Irish political associations!
But this is not a member of the Real, Continuity or provisional IRA this is a Fibromyalgia patient who has managed despite Irish neanderthal Prohibition to discover from the illicit market that Cannabis is the medicine that works best for his incredibly debilitating disease that is suffered by so many.


Bob like so many we have spoken with have taught themselves how to grow their own medicine and yet again the necessity to grow comes from the economics.
Patients of neurological conditions particularly have symptoms greatly exacerbated by stress and that is EXACTLY what Bob suffers and requires the hidden identity!

Everyone in the Irish Canna Community knows people criminalised and possibly serving time simply for self medicating!

When will the madness stop!


The Backstory here is one of criminalisation of another FM patient.

I came across Bob commenting on a thread on social media side Reddit.
The case he was commenting on was of a lady who the court heard had “considerable medical history” involved multiple conditions which caused her severe, chronic pain

To paraphrase she had been self-medicating from the illicit market to the point that she built up a debt. She was subsequently told that she could clear her debt and continue to receive her medication IF she would allow the dealer to store his cannabis at her address.

The tragic cliché played out and she was subsequently caught with €14,000 worth of Cannabis… enough to earn a custodial sentence
You can read the full story here…

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Irish Canna Clinic is very uncomfortable about sharing details of anyone caught up in the Irish Prohibition Nightmare unlike the Irish Media who love to print people’s names and FULL Address in every article.
Why is this happening??

We will always seek to get permission for anything that appears on this site so if anyone involved in this case would like us to take it down we will do so immediately. We seek only to highlight these injustices not exploit them.
We can always be contacted at irishcannaclinic@gmail.com


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